Sunday, February 2, 2014

Our Baby Girl!!!

Our Baby Girl is Finally Here!!!

Sophia Colleen
Born January 25th, 2014
at 5:41 AM
6 lbs. 9 oz.
19-1/2" long

We decided to name her middle name after my mom Colleen. After 6 grandchildren no one had used her name at all. This is the 7th and most likely last grandchild so we really wanted to honor my mother. We also took our newborn photos ourselves. Photography has gotten so expensive lately and we do have a very nice Nikon D3100 SLR camera. We set her up on blankets on our bed and opened the blinds, put her in a super cute tutu outfit my friend Staci made (super adorable!), and took about 200 pictures! Yay, scrapbooking here I come! ;-) I'm excited about this year and scrapbooking. I hope to really catch up on my son's pictures from his 1st year and both pregnancy pictures. 

Lots of exciting things this year! Especially new GOALS that I have this more, make more cards, scrapbook more, possibly create a stamping ONLINE KIT CLUB?? How fun would that be?! Then I would HAVE to make cards on a MONTHLY basis ;-) I hope to plan this and get it going as soon as THIS month!

I also plan to start my monthly card class again! These cards would be the same as my monthly online club cards. I'm excited to start these again as I didn't have much energy while chasing my almost 20-month old and being 10 months pregnant! I'm not sure how I'll do STILL chasing my 20-month old and nursing my 1-week old, but it will be nice to have a hobby and do something for me. :-) 

Hope to see more followers comment and get involved with my blog! I hope to do MORE GIVEAWAYS in 2014 too!!!

Happy Stamping!
Charlene :-)