Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Knife Skills

Ok...knife skills. To say the least, it was a stressful. We only had 30 minutes to do 10 cuts. I don't think I even breathed for those 30 minutes. We had to produce specific amounts and pieces of each item. I did 8 of them. I need to practice!!! 30 minutes does not seem like enough time.
On a lighter note, we watched our Chef instructor make Tomato Sauce today. It was just basic tomato sauce with only an herb sachet, and garlic to flavor it. After it was pureed, it was delish! I want to make some this weekend. We'll see if I have time, I'm going snowboarding! Then headed to my niece's 1st birthday party, then practicing my knife skills. The test is next Wednesday! :O
Oh, I made the potato soup but it had too much chicken bouillon I think. I would share the recipe, but I don't think it is worthy enough. I'll think of something else to share with you all that you'll really enjoy. :)

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