Thursday, September 13, 2012

I've been busy...We had a baby!

So....I have been preoccupied...distracted...and a little overwhelmed! We just welcomed our first baby to the world on June 12th! He was a little early, almost 4 weeks. I had preeclampsia and very high blood pressure so he figured it was time to come into this world. He did with only 3 big pushes. Labor was not too bad but it wasn't easy. The Dr. missed the cavity for my epidural the first time and I threw up, but he got it the 2nd time. My labor started at about 6:45AM on the 12th and out came Wyatt Christiaan (yes with 2 A's) at 9:34PM on the 12th. (So glad he wasn't born on the 13th!) ;-)
So here is our little peanut!!!.............

Wyatt Christiaan 
4 lbs 11 oz
19" long 
I love being a mommy. I love taking care of him and just looking at him! And Galen is SUCH a great daddy. So Wyatt just turned 3 months old and he is finally sleeping for about 5 hours once we put him to bed at night. This is great because he doesn't sleep much during the day, just little naps! I have been working on his baby book and some scrapbook pages but it's hard. When he sleeps I usually try to grab a shower or make something to eat!! But it's getting better....sloooooowly. :)

I have recently resigned from Stampin' Up! to have more time for Wyatt and taking care of our home. I'm now a full time mommy and home maker. I love it so far, but it ain't easy! I do plan to sign up again as soon as I am able, November I think. That is my "hope" anyway, we'll see what happens.

I also plan to blog MORE!!! YAY!! I am going to want to brag to everyone about this little man, I'm sure. So, to celebrate, I am doing a BLOG GIVEAWAY!!! YAY!!! Haven't done one of those in a while! So, stay tuned, I should be announcing it this WEEKEND!!!

Thanks for staying with my blog! xoxoxo


  1. He is so precious, congratulations. Enjoy every moment I think it is the greatest joy I ever experienced in my life and it goes by too quickly.

  2. Congrats on your little sweetie! Good for you for taking time off working! That baby stage is on in the blink of an eye and next thing you know you'll have a kindergartener like me. :( Enjoy!