Monday, August 17, 2009

Here's something cute so you can see what I'm up to today...

outside my window ... is a swimming pool that keeps calling my

i am thinking ... this blog stuff is pretty cool. Distracting but very cool. I should be making a card or creating a layout!

i am thankful for ... Galen. My boyfriend of 1 year who is simply amazing. I'm so blessed and so so thankful for him. He's definitely my knight.

from the kitchen ... comes the smell of browning hamburger meat and the spaghetti sauce I'm making. (Uncle Bill's Spaghetti) ;)

i am wearing ... a chocoholic t-shirt, linen capris and flip flops

i am creating ... a new look with an old bookcase. I'm sanding it down and I'm going to stain it and use it to organize all of my scrapbook stuff! Halfway through I was about to say screw it and go down to IKEA and buy a new one when Galen told me that his Grandpa made it. Ok, definitely need to finish it now! :)

i am going ... to stay focused and organized but most of all hopeful because I know that good things will come.

i am reading ... Harry Potter & The Deathly Hollows (I have to know what happens!!)

i am hoping ... that my business will be a success someday.

i am hearing ... my playlist on my blog.

around the house ... is scattered scrapbook stuff because I just laid it all out when I returned from the shop I'm trying to organize it!

one of my favorite things ... is chips and pico. I make it just with chopped tomatoes, white onion, cilantro, lime juice and salt. I can eat a whole bowl of it!

a few plans for the rest of the week ... I'm taking my niece to John's Incredible Pizza tomorrow for lunch and swimming after, maybe having lunch with an ex coworker Wednesday, then meeting a friend for coffee/lunch Thursday maybe and Friday spending the day with my boyfriend since he is off that day.

a picture to share ... Here is a picture of the bookcase so far. I only have TWO shelves left to sand. =D YAY. I'm tired of sanding. At least it is an electric sander!!

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