Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Closing Sweet Scrap Deal

Hi friends!

I just wanted to post that I will be closing the site It's been fun running my own business, especially doing something I love. However, after starting culinary school I'd like to focus on that. Remember my word this year is FOCUS! ;)
I will be closing the site down sometime on Friday, February 19th. So, if there is something you were wanting to get, but have been waiting, now is the time to get it. The site will be removed by Saturday.
I think I will still have a couple more Meet Ups because I still have a couple projects in the works. Also, if I have extra items from the class, I may post it here for sale as well.
Thank you so much to all my customers. It's been a pleasure serving your scrapbook needs!
I hope those that love food and love to eat will still read my posts and enjoy them! So far I've had 3 days of culinary school and love it! We're learning knife cuts right now, small dice, baton, julienne and brunoise. I get my knife set on Monday and we have our first test! I need to go practice cutting on my carrots...


  1. Best wishes in Culinary School Charlene! I've enjoyed your posts so I will continue to keep you on my blog roll :)

  2. I know you are going to do great in Culinary School ! Hope we can still see each other here and there. I miss ya :)