Thursday, September 24, 2009

Sweet Scrap Deal - Punch Card

I'm so excited to announce a new promotion for my online store, Sweet Scrap Deal! I will be issuing punch cards like the one shown here. I think most of you savvy crafters are familiar with them, but just in case, here's how it works:

- When you purchase for the first time, I'll e-mail you a punch card with your first punch.
- Each time you make a purchase you get a punch. I will e-mail you an updated punch card.
- When you make your 8th purchase, I'll mail you a FREE GIFT* with your purchase!
- Rinse and repeat! Meaning, you start over and you can get a new punch card after you redeem one!
- Promotion will continue until 12/31/10! And then I'll have something bigger and better!

*Free gift will be up to a $15 value!!!

If you have any questions about this promotion, feel free to E-MAILme.

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