Saturday, October 29, 2011

Butterfly Bucks - A project wit my niece (for kids!)

My niece Allie has a reward program at school. The teacher gives out "Beach Bucks" when the kids are acting extra special, being extra good, or going above and beyond. Then the kids get to spend their beach bucks on Fridays by going to a "treasure" chest and picking out goodies. There are little treats in there like candy, pencils, erasers, homework passes, etc. She absolutely loved this reward program. She has a new teacher this year and asked me if I could help her to make "Butterfly Bucks" so she and her mom could use this system at home. I said SURE! because I already had visions of my SU butterfly punch dancing in my head.
So I had Allie help me and I got her a butterfly stamp from the Itty Bitty Bits, I used the punch and we made a little assembly line. I punched the butterflies and glued them on the buck and she stamped each corner of it like a dollar bill. She had lots of fun making them! We made about 50 of them and her mom put different denominations on them. I heard the reward system is working pretty well. :) She gets bucks for doing her homework, chores, helping out, listening, etc. Then she redeems them for ice cream outings, special toys she wants, etc.

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