Monday, April 12, 2010

My Scrapbook Challenge!

I have been procrastinating long enough and I have a small box of photos (these do not include several albums I have) that I would love to scrapbook. I would love to scrap these photos and incorporate several journaling pages (my diaries/journals)that I have kept over the years in one easy to follow story of my life. I am not writing a book, so it won't be overwhelming. This will be a compilation of my fondest memories, correlating with my fondest photos. I want to save these memories for my family and future children and their children, and so on. So...Here is my challenge to myself...

1 Box of photos from my childhood and early adulthood - approx 228 photos (maybe more)
1 Lifetime of Memories & experiences

8 months and 19 days (263 days) to scrap it

I am giving myself just until the end of this year because I know that starting in January I will be 1 busy gal. I will have my culinary externship to do - hopefully OUT of the country, plus I will be 5 months away from my wedding...and other things "ahem". ;)
So, I can't waste any more time! I will use scrapbook challenges when I can (so I have a chance to win goodies to replenish my stash!) I have a few favorites lined up:
Practical Scrappers
Scrapbook Challenges
The Scrap Room
Sketchy Thursdays

If anyone knows of other good scrapbook page challenges, please let me know! Maybe you can join along with me if you want to! I can't wait to get started, but I know that hard part will be staying focused.

I have sauce practicals (tests) tomorrow on Bechamel, Veloute, Espagnole and Hollandaise. Wish me luck!! :)

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