Wednesday, November 18, 2009

An Exciting Announcement & A Couple Pictures!

Hi Everyone!!

It's good to be back from vacation! Colorado was beautiful. It snowed a little and the blanket of white over the mountains was simply serene. I had a great time with my boyfriend's family. We hung out, ate, gambled a wee bit and played the Nintendo Wii!

Here is a picture of Pike's Peak:

And here is Galen & I out for a walk in this winter wonderland, the air was SO fresh and crisp! Can you tell I cut my hair??!! (WHY did I DO it?!...I'm not really happy with it, it's TOO short! Can't wait for it to grow back! LOL)

So, while I was gone I decided to take on a VERY exciting venture and just HAVE to share it with you!! So here it have heard of Unity Stamp Co, RIGHT?? Beautiful, high quality, deeply etched red rubber stamps mounted on static cling foam?? WELL, Unity has come out with a new line of stamps called IPPITY!

I will be an independent rep and will be selling the Ippity line of stamps!! I'm SO SO excited to share these awesome stamps with you at some great prices! They are SO cute!! I will also be holding stamp classes to share these stamps and help you create some gorgeous cards and projects for the holidays! I'm SO excited about that. There is more information about these stamps on MY NEW IPPITY BLOG HERE....
My Ippity Stamps

Check out these stamps and the awesome prices, let me know what you think! Also, sign up to be a Follower so you can watch for some SALES & BLOG CANDY coming up!! :)


  1. welcome home! the photos are beautiful, your hair looks great! and HUGE congrats on the Ippity gig! the stamps are fabulous, and the prices too! :)

  2. Hi Charlene,

    Fab photos looks wonderful there. Good luck in your new venture, I am off to have a look.

    Hugs Ali x

  3. Hi sweetie..glad you had a fun time ! I think your hair looks never look bad come to think of it!
    Congrats on the new venture ! I can't wait to take a look :)

  4. Welcome back sis - SO excited about the Ippity Rep for ya! (Can't wait to be your BEST customer..hee hee!) Beautiful profile pic BTW.

  5. EXCITING.... This is awsome. I've not heard of this program yet but I certainly wish you luck and can't wait to head over to check out your Ippity site

  6. How exciting for you! I will be sure to visit My Ippity Stamps! Your vacation pics are gorgeous :) TFS